Fever remains the most common concern prompting parents to present their child to the emergency department.

Fever itself is not life-threatening unless it is extremely and persistently high. Risk factors for worrisome fevers include age under 2 years (infants and toddlers) or recurrent fevers lasting more than one week. Fever may indicate the presence of a serious illness, but usually a fever is caused by a common infection, most of which are not serious. The part of the brain called the hypothalamus controls body temperature. The hypothalamus increases the body’s temperature as a way to fight the infection. However, many conditions other than infections may cause a fever.

Are these questions you wished you had answers for :

How can I tell if my child has a fever?
How can I tell if my child’s fever is serious?
When should I call the doctor if my child has a fever?
Is it better to try to break a fever or let the fever fight the infection?
Which medicines are safe to treat my child’s fever?
What should I do if my child has a seizure from a high fever?
Why does my child’s fever keep coming back?
And many more…..

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