Congratulations on your pregnancy! There’s so much for you to know and learn in the span of 9 months (and maybe even lesser) as you prepare for parenthood, pregnancy care and caring for your newborn!

We know you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there and want to help you pick out what’s most important to know! Join us in a half day packed with live demos and lessons from our Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Anesthetist, Paediatrician and Midwives!

Some exciting line ups are :

Preparation for Labour : What to Expect
Pain Management During Childbirth
Bringing Baby Home : What You Need to Know
Successful Breastfeeding : Challenges & Tips
Baby Care Demonstration : Baby Bath, Cord Care & Changing Nappy
A Magic Touch with Love – Infant Massage

That’s not all, participants get goody bags, refreshments and a chance to win LUCKY DRAWS!

Register by calling in to +6082-507 333 or +6016-889 8310 to find out more!